Welcome to Vicky’s Family History Research

Hi my name is Vicky, I am based in Yate near Bristol where I live with my family and my incredibly fluffy cat. This website will tell you a bit about me and how I can help you research your family history, and prove that genealogy does not have to be difficult and neither does it have to be undertaken by a big impersonal organisation.

Finding out about your ancestors can be a fascinating experience, and give you a real feel for your family history. I can also research the history of your house. Who knows who lived there in the past?

For over 20 years I have been researching family trees, solving mysteries, proving and disproving family myths and stories, and making contact with long lost family around the world. I discovered ancestors who fought at Rourke’s drift, Huguenot refugees, silk weavers, hairdressers, German Burgermeisters, a commissionaire at the London Palladium, and a Canadian war hero who escaped numerous times from the Nazis and was featured in a book about daring war escapades.

If you would like to learn more about your family history or house history I can help – please look at the other pages on my website to see how.