Genealogical Gold Dust

Sorry for the cliff hanger – I couldn’t resist.

My moment of joy – after so long of having a complete brick wall where my Great Granddad had come from and any information at all about his parents and family. I had a message from the daughter of a family history researcher from Germany, she said that her father had been researching the family for years and put me in touch with him. I must admit I got very excited, and my poor (family history widower) husband wondered what on earth was going on.

A lovely man called Rudi emailed me, apparently it was a known story in the German side of the family about the uncle and four cousins who had emigrated to England in the mid 1800’s and there had been regular contact for years with some of the cousins. (Sadly, not my side though obviously).  He’d come over to London in the 1970’s and searched for descendants, even to the point of looking through the phone books for anyone with that surname. Sadly, family here had either had daughters who married out of the surname, or they had emigrated to Canada so he never tracked us down.

He was and still is very proud of being from the state of Hanover and told me many tales of how close the citizens of this area felt towards England (and our ‘German’ royal family) and what they did to fight and resist the Nazi ideology in the villages our family lived in. He told me his father had had no choice but to join the German Army and fought and died during WW2 on the eastern front fighting the Russians. He never knew his father as his father was killed in battle when he was a baby. After the war descendants of my Great Uncles who had emigrated to Canada had sent care parcels to his Mum as they struggled to survive in destitute post-war Germany without his father.

And oh, joy of joys he had traced the family back to the 1600’s…He had photos of the houses my ancestors had lived in, and so many documents – it was such a joy to this historian’s heart. He sent me a huge parcel of documents, a family genealogy, numerous baptism records and soooo many documents tracing the family back generations. There was a massive family still living in Germany which we’d had no idea about. His grandad was a cousin to my great granddad and that was the link between us. Our relatives had been many things including musketeers and village mayors.

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